Publicity is a publicity agency with a focus on non-profits, activism, and youth culture. Our small team works closely with our partners to help further progressive issues and causes by coordinating public relations campaigns between community stakeholders.

We represent a large list of issues and causes that need your advocacy. From the global migration crisis to nuclear disasters; black lives matter and so do our oceans – we’re creating a buzz so the bees return.

Help get our messages in front of your community.

What We Do collaborates with creators, brands and other agencies to help advocate for issues and causes. We create content to create awareness in viewers. We verify people and organizations who publicly disseminate information. This ensures the content is trustworthy and presented from diverse perspectives.

We’re raising awareness about the things that matter.
Join us and contribute in your own way.

We want to work with anyone willing to support a long list of progressive issues and causes. Get in touch with us to see how we can work together on your next publicity campaign.

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